Located in Trieste, Eataly store is one of many examples of how the TTM Rossi wire mesh can be used with results both functional and decorative.
Color, brightness and elegance are the distinctive features that our product DUNE ORO gives to the building.
This metal mesh has been used for the production of glass facade, providing thermal insulation, protection from heat and cold, shading function and aesthetic decoration.
In addition, within the building there are panels made with metal mesh M & M RIO that give a warm and luxurious atmosphere to the rooms.

Additional Information

Location: Trieste – IT
Quantity: 1200 mq
Download Technical Data: Download Sheet 

Application and Products

Application: Glass laminated
Product Used: Dune Oro
Usable Products: M&M Rio, Cangiante, Mini River BR 

  • Facciata di Eataly Trieste con tela metallica
  • Tela stratificata nel vetro / metal mesh laminated
  • Tela metallica TTM Rossi in ottone / Metal mesh in brass
  • Stratifica nel vetro con rete metallica / wire mesh glass laminated
  • Brass wire mesh / tessuto metallico in ottone
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