The elegance and sophistication of the TEX 3×3 wire mesh can be admired by looking at the bar on this luxurious Portuguese yatch.

In this amazing realization has been created a compelling atmosphere where the stainless steel metal mesh give a touch of modernity and support the creativity of the designer.

Flexible and rigid at the same time, this type of mesh could be shaped around an existing structures, maintaining the desired shape and enriching any environment with its sheen.

Additional Information

Location: Lisbon
Quantity: 4,5 m2
Download Technical Data: Download Sheet 

Application and Products

Application: Furnishing
Product Used: Tex 3×3
Usable Products: Elegance , Spiga 

  • metal mesh in stainless steel for yatch bar
  • tessuto metallico a foro wuadro
  • il bancone è stato realizzato in rete metallica in acciaio inox
  • metal mesh detail
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